About Us

"Now my GE career is over, and I'm telling you that it was CANDOR that helped make it work. So many more people got into the game, so many voices, so much energy ... It's really very simple - Candor works because Candor unclutters."

- Taken from Winning by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch

About CandorWhen we brainstormed and decided on 'Candor' as our raison detre none of us had read 'Winning'. We were in fact connected with developing a 'spirit of partnership' with client organizations which would require integrity and openness. Candor was a manifestation of this collective thinking and spirit. The business outsourcing domain requires the specialist service provider to work closely with Client companies, often with access to Confidential information. Frank and Open discussions are important pre-requisites to developing holistic trust-based associations.

Candor in internal Organisational discussions and debates too cuts through bureaucracy, emotional layers, internal politics and false politeness, paving the way for generating ideas and solutions, so important for success in a competitive environment. In fact philosophers have concluded that lack of Candor is actually about self-interest and cautioned that it can destroy trust and ultimately erode society.

Candor gets what Candor does.