Payroll software
Complete automated solution post recruitment till retirement

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Complete automated solution post recruitment till retirement

Do you face these challenges?

Full fledged software to meet the payroll needs of your organization. Flexible and formula based definition of Pay Structure and Statutory calculations allows you to easily handle the salary revisions and statutory requirements. The software is developed using Web technologies and it is platform independent. :

  • Features
  • Utilities/Tools
  • Detailed Employee master definition
  • Ability to capture past employment history with custom fields
  • Flexible user definable pay structure with formula definition for pay calculations
  • Ability to attach different pay structures at Employee, Department or based on user defined criteria with retrospective, current or future effective date
  • Automatic calculation of all statutory components based on the formula
  • Support for maintaining payroll for Multiple locations
  • Pay slip generation for current or previous months
  • User definable IT declarations and formula based IT calculation including Form 16 and Form 24Q
  • IT Computation sheet based on actual and projected earnings at any point of time
  • Arrears calculation for single/multiple retrospective increments
  • Reimbursement management for selective/all employees
  • Leave management with user definable holidays
  • Loan management and user definable deductions (LIC.)
  • LOP reimbursement
  • Monthly transactional adjustments to handle one off changes for selective/all employees
  • Company leased accommodation and Perks Management
  • Full and Final settlement including automatic calculation of notice pay
  • User definable password protection for all pay related documents
  • Send pay slip via email to employees in password protected PDF files directly from the system
  • All entry screens have upload option to upload data from an excel file
  • All reports are generated as Excel spread sheets / PDF documents
  • Can be interfaced with Swipe card or any other Bio metric time and attendance system
  • Can be interfaced with other accounting and HR software
  • Multilevel user rights and access control